Why CX? Why Now?

Operationalizing a company-wide Customer Experience strategy is the biggest competitive advantage you have. But first, you need a CX Strategy.

$98 Billion

That's how much money is left on the table each year by companies that FAIL to provide "simple" experiences to their customers. ( Siegel+Gale)

>70 Percent

Almost three-quarters of customers recommend a product or service because they received a "great experience." ( Convince & Convert Consulting)

1.5x Growth

Experience-driven businesses see over 1.5x YoY growth than other companies in customer retention, repeat purchase rates and customer lifetime value. ( Forrester and Adobe)

Frequently Asked Questions

For additional questions or to book your CX Workshop session, please contact us at cxworkshoptb@whatsnkst.com.

  • What's the cost of the workshop?

    The cost of the CX Workshop varies depending on several factors, such as the number of participants, the location, whether it's in-person or virtual, etc. Speak with one of our team members who can go into more detail based on your specific requirements. You can reach us at cxworkshoptb@whatsnkst.com or cxworkshopdl@whatsnkst.com.

  • How many people can attend the workshop? Is there an ideal number of participants?

    It depends on the format of the workshop, including whether the session is for multiple companies or tailored for a specific enterprise, and whether the workshop is held in person or virtually.

    For multi-company, in-person workshops we can accommodate up to 20 people. For in-person sessions designed for your company, the numbers can range from 10-20 people. For virtual workshops we prefer to maintain a smaller, more focused group with no more than 10 participants.

  • Who should attend this workshop? Who are these workshops designed for?

    The workshop is designed for anyone responsible for creating or improving their company's customer experience initiatives. In our practice, we have learned that the best CX working groups include your senior leaders in Experience, Strategy, Technology, Marketing, Sales and/or Service. You want a good cross section of decision-makers who engage with -- or should engage with -- customers. You can even, if you want, invite a key customer to join the workshop session.

  • How long is the workshop?

    It varies depending on the workshop format. In-person workshops are full-day sessions that run 6-8 hours depending on the size of the group. This accounts for the breaks and lunch. 

    Virtual sessions are held either over the course of two consecutive days or one day each over two consecutive weeks for a total of six hours -- three hours per day.

  • What are the technical requirements for the virtual workshop?

    A computer and a reliable wi-fi connection are required for participation in the virtual session. The platform we use to facilitate the workshop is MURAL and a room and link will be sent to all participants prior to the workshop.

    For virtual sessions, you will be able to login to the online workshop approximately 15 minutes before the start of the session to test your connection, audio, and video. Login details will be shared closer to the date of the scheduled workshop.

    If you experience technical difficulties during the course, a workshop moderator will be available throughout the duration of the workshop to answer any questions and concerns. You can also click here to review the troubleshooting tips provided by Zoom.

  • What's included in the workshop?

    In addition to your workshop materials and the expertise of the master trainers and facilitators, participants will, after the workshop, receive a Service Design Strategy Assessment, a Customer Experience Roadmap, and a copy of Woo, Wow and Win: Service Design Strategy, and the Art of Customer Delight .

    For in-person workshops, food and beverages will be provided.

  • What do I need to bring to the workshop?

    All that's required to get started is the completed pre-session homework, your insatiable curiosity, and a commitment to the process.

  • How will the workshop materials be shared / how will we receive workshop materials?

    We will send workshop materials to you a week before the workshop, and follow-up assessments and analysis within two weeks after. We would prefer to send these to a single location: if, however, you are comfortable sharing participants' home addresses, let us know and we can arrange multiple shipments.

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